Helicopter options include landing on two of New Zealand’s most iconic Volcanoes, White Island and Mount Tarawera.
White Island is New Zealand’s only permanently active volcano and walking around the active crater floor on an almost lunar like landscape is a once in a lifetime experience.
Mount Tarawera is the site of the largest eruption in New Zealand’s living memory and standing on the summit commands stunning views of the volcanoes massive craters and the surrounding lakes district and national parks.

Floatplane tours offer the romance of taking off and landing from various lake sites and flying over the regions unique volcanic landscape. Their Mount Tarawera Waimangu flyover is fairly popular, but a landing in the hidden valley of Orakei Korako gives more excitement.


White Island (3h approx.) - Helicopter $1,095.00

This flight also includes a landing on White Island - New Zealand's only permanent active Volcano.

White Island + Mount Tarawera (3h30 approx.) - Helicopter $1,195.00

Helicopter flight with landing on Mount Tarawere and White Island.

Mount Tarawera (40min. approx.) - Helicopter $465.00

Landing on crater of Mount Tarawera with spectacular view of craters and domes.

Volcanic Adventure (60min. approx.) - Helicopter $695.00

Landing on crater of Mount Tarawera and spectacular arial views over Tarawera Falls, Wai-O-Tapu and Waimangu.

Crater Lakes (15min. approx.) - Helicopter $215

Flight with amazing views over crater lakes.

Fly & Drive combo (3h approx.) - Helicopter $600

Flight over crater lakes and national parks combined with 4WD trip to Mount Tarawera and a waling tour on the volcano

Eruption Trail Tour ( 30min. approx.) - Floatplane $265

Flight over Mount Tarawera and Waimangu thermal Valley.

Thermal Explorer ( 2h15 approx.) - Floatplane $585.00

Fly over hidden lakes and Mount Tarawera.

Crater Lakes ( 15min. approx.) - Floatplane $185

Flight over the lakes in the Rotorua District.

Volcanic Explorer (1h25 approx.) - Floatplane $665

Fly over Rotorua lakes, Mount Tarawera and White Island.

Flight Experience ( 8min. approx.) - Floatplane $115

Experience takeoff and landing in a float plane and enjoy a panoramic view of Rotorua.

Fly & Drive Combo ( 4h approx.) - Floatplane $525.00

Start with a 4WD trip to Mount Tarawera where you will have a hiking tour on the crater. The 4WD will bring you then to the shore of Lake Rerewhakaaitu where you will be picked up by the floatplane to give you another perspective of the volcanic valley of Waimangu with Mount Tarawera and hidden lakes.


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