Scenic cruising

Travel at 20km/h through the beautiful Dansey Scenic Reserve with the scenery drifting by and the clickety clack of the rail beneath you.  Stunning lake views and rolling farmland await.  Listen to the audio tour and discover a unique piece of New Zealand history.

The RailCruiser V3000 is the world’s first fully automated, state of the art petrol-electric four seat self-drive hybrid rail vehicle. The RailCruiser has comfortable seats with unobstructed views, is fitted with clear drop down waterproof sides and comes with onboard heating.

The Railway offers gentle curves and steep climbs with beautiful lake views and native forest scenery.  It carries with it the heritage of past generations who built and lived their lives on the commerce of the rail: tourist operators; loggers; haulers; millers and foresters of all sorts.   The Railway was the heart of a native forestry mecca that thrived in Mamaku for many years from the turn of the century through into the 1970’s.

Each RailCruiser can carry up to four adults, or two adults and two children, or two adults and 3 smaller sized children.


Rail Cruise (1.5h) Adults $76, Children (6-16y) $38, Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) $190, free for -5y

Depart at Mamaku Railway station for a 1.5h scenic ride.


+64 7362 84 60


Departures at 11am, 1pm, 3pm during summer (Nov - Apr)


All year


11 Kaponga St, Rotorua

Distance to town

20 minute drive from Rotorua

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