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Waimangu Volcanic Valley
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Waimangu Volcanic Valley
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Waimangu Volcanic Valley
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Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Waimangu Volcanic Valley – how the world began!

It’s not often you have the opportunity to walk through Jurassic Park.  But visitors to Waimangu Volcanic Valley often comment that is how they feel as they follow the trails through this majestic valley.  Waimangu is the world’s youngest geothermal system, the only one wholly created within written history and the only one which can be pin-pointed to an exact time and event.

As you enter Waimangu’s gates, bird song and the hushed serenity of a natural environment create a gentle introduction to what you are about to see. However, be prepared to be plunged into a world of amazing geothermal activity.

The remarkable environment you are visiting is one which has re-established itself completely naturally after the total devastation of a massive volcanic eruption.  Waimangu’s awesome valley showcases some of the most spectacular geothermal activity you will ever see.  The world’s largest hot spring, Frying Pan Lake, and the world’s largest geyser-like feature, Inferno Crater, are only two elements of the magic that awaits you.

Waimangu Volcanic Valley is a destination for people of all ages and levels of fitness and offers easy to advanced self-guided walks through lush native New Zealand forest. Our free guide sheets in many different languages allow you to get even more enjoyment out of your walk.   Discover volcanic craters, rare and unusual plants, bubbling pools, steaming cliffs and restless lakes.

Add a further dimension to your visit and enjoy a cruise on beautiful Lake Rotomahana with its own vibrant geothermal system of geysers and springs that can only be viewed from our vessel.


WAIMANGU VOLCANIC VALLEY The world’s youngest geothermal system. TripAdvisor Reviews consistently rate Waimangu Volcanic Valley as the No. 1 geothermal attraction in Rotorua.