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November 7, 2015
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November 7, 2015
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Mountain Jade Rotorua Pounamu
Mountain Jade Sculpture
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Mountain Jade

The European colonists of New Zealand called it greenstone, the geologist calls it nephrite, the gemologist calls it jade, and the Maori call it pounamu. Each is a different term describing the same material. It is credited with an array of highly desirable properties and is as highly-prized today as it was by the ancients some thousands of years ago.

Today as in ancient times, jade carving is a painstaking and exacting art form and care must be taken not to shatter the stone or make wasteful cuts. A carver first needs to study the heart of the stone; to see where its strengths lie in terms of colour, clarity and patterning, then work to illuminate the best of those elements within a piece.

The story of a Jade Artist….

Nick always had the spirit of an artist resting within him. When a bone carving his daughter had created at school broke and Nick was asked to fix it, that artist awoke.

Years later, and Nick has sculptured and carved everything from ancient rocks to native wood, in styles ranging from deeply traditional to experimental and contemporary. Above all though, Nick has been drawn to the organic form and feel of jade.

Family, love and faith are persistent themes in Nick work, and he is inspired by the many spiritual and cultural experiences of his life.

Nick strives for a deep sense of peace, comfort and oneness to come from his work. His sense of reward as an artist comes from the love and sentiment the wearer imbues their jade with – this is where its true value lies.

Location: 1288 Fenton StCentral Rotorua

Phone: +64 7 349 1828

Contact:  Sabine Willemsen



Mountain Jade – “For three generations we’ve shaped jade by hand, and carved life into stone.”