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Adventure Playground
April 17, 2016
Adventure Playground 4x4
Adventure Playground
April 17, 2016
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Adventure Playground 4 x 4
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Adventure Playground Horse
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Adventure Playground Rotorua

Adventure Playground Adventure Activities:

4×4 SELF DRIVE TOURS:  Amazing hosted 4×4 self drive tour in rugged terrain, led by an experienced guide in a separate guide vehicle.  You get to drive a nippy 2-seater 4×4 self drive vehicle.  A full safety briefing is provided before you start your ride, then you’ll go for a spin around the training paddock to get used to your ‘wheels’ before your tour takes you up the slopes of the beautiful Mount Ngongotaha countryside and native bush.  You’ll stop at a few scenic spots on the tour for photos to capture the experience.  All safety gear is provided.

HORSE TREKS: Let our experienced guides take you on a magical Rotorua Horse Trek up the magnificent Mt Ngongotaha. Our horse trails cross rolling farmland and offer spectacular views overlooking Lake Rotorua, the city and beyond. Our trails also take in some magnificent New Zealand native bush, bustling with birds and animals. We have a variety of Rotorua Horse Treks to suit most ages and experience levels, and welcome riders from age 4 upwards. Total beginners are given a brief introduction on how to ride and be at one with your horse, so that you are confident during your trek.

CLAY SHOOTING: Adventure Playground offers an amazing Rotorua clay bird shooting experience. Under the guidance of our fully licensed instructors, our Rotorua clay bird shooting is suitable for beginners, right through to experienced clay bird shooters. Adventure Playground’s custom clay bird shooting venue is nestled into beautiful Rotorua native bush. right 180 degrees and you’re  looking at stunning views of Lake Rotorua, Mokoia Island and Rotorua City. What better location could you hope for? We have a well stocked armory of 12 gauge ‘under and over’, pump action or semi auto shotguns to suit all levels of shooter.

4WD BUGGY EXPERIENCE:  Yamaha 4WD buggies seat up to 5 people and are a great family option for your NZ off road activity day at Adventure Playground.  Enjoy a leisurely drive with our experienced guides who are passionate about the environment, Rotorua history and the Maori culture associated with Mount Ngongotaha.  Our off road experience takes you through lush NZ native bush showcasing our famous New Zealand Silver Ferns and a variety of native birds and animals. The highlight of the off road experience is the breathtaking views from our highest lookout, extending across Lake Rotorua, Mokoia Island and the city of Rotorua.




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